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Westernisation v/s Civilisation

Well, did I catch your attention there? If you are reading this then I’m guessing yes.

Here’s a little perspective :

We, as Indian humans have the tendency to learn & lean towards western concepts because we find them attractive and modern. But little do we know what is the extent of good in it.

How do we know when to stop?

Talking about civilisation, humanity, relationships and the institution of family : Our culture has always valued the emotional bond between any two people. We have overlooked the negatives and appreciated the positives of the people in our lives. Every & any two people have fights but it has been unusual to break the friendship or partnership or any ties with them. We have figured a way to fix it. But what is happening with the marriages? Have we made ‘divorce’ the best solution?

You can share a sense of care, peace, emotional support & infact even love with in anyone in the family but what about the everlasting intimacy and attachment? If you think I’m saying ‘divorce’ is wrong, you probably got me wrong. My concern is - does this generation even want to put in the efforts to fix their breaking relationship? Are they even willing to be patient? Are they willing to be a good listener & polite speaker? Are they wrongly connecting self-respect with ego?

In pursuit of westernisation, we are killing the system of families - both nuclear and joint. We need to understand that ‘personal space’ , ‘self care’ , ‘woman empowerment’ are not reasons we can simply use to break a relationship.

Western country has understood the value of this now. They have seen the after effects. They have gotten a sense of giving human value to their life-partner / date, they are realising the time & energy invested in their relationships. They are looking upto us as an inspiration. But where are we going?

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