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Cherish a lifetime of love and passion !

Marriage to me has always been a pure and beautiful bond shared by two individuals. I work to help couples in distress and coach them to aim at Relationship Goals for a better future.

Image by Aleks Dorohovich

Leenna: Your Relationship Coach

‘My own life experiences acted as a catalyst in my decision of becoming a Relationship Coach. I took a vow along with all the couples, to guide them in their journey of Relationship. To make them realize Relationship Goals and discover passion over the years.’

Through The Rough Waters

When I say I relate to your stories it’s because I have been on the same road you might be walking now. Belonging from a broken family and losing my spouse after some years of marriage taught me the toughest lessons of life. These experiences taught me to Not to Give Up Ever whatever come may. Today I work for the betterment of married couple’s lives’’

Becoming Leenna Parannjpe​​

‘It took a while for me to find my true self-worth. To become an independent woman who guides others to attain their relationship goals. I learnt two golden words while struggling to breathe through my depressed mind- Determination and Will-Power can drive you out through the worst situations. You need to instill belief in yourself and your self-worth.’


Leenna Parannjpe

Building Happy Ever Afters’

The alarming increase in the divorce rates globally urges for experts to guide couples and train them towards believing in long-term relationships. It is the need of the hour to address these issues with love, compassion and empathy. With my experience of over 28 years in the domain, I figured out that a person’s behavioural pattern depended on what situation or environment he/she was brought up in. I believe 95%of the relationship issues can be solved. My programs of Dating, Relationship and Marital teach a couple the important goals they must aim for a ‘Happy Ever after’.

Image by Aleks Dorohovich


" Leena has been the saviour of our marriage and opened our eyes to tackle the issues in a better way. "

Age 28, CA


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