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   We’ve Got News!  One month Marriage Planning Course


(Coaching & Mentoring Programme)


How to find a Right and SMART Match to create your  "Happily Ever After" on your own without initially involving your partner.

4 weeks- 20 Intensive 1 on 1 Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

  • Deep Listening and result based sessions


  • 2 years guarantee to deal with any post marital issues and enjoy the Marriage Journey


  • 24/7 WA assistance (Generally I respond in a day)


  • Emergency check ins.

I invite both of you to co-create your wonderful future together through this one month online course with me to enjoy your relationship journey 

This One month Pre-Marital course would help you to 

1) Share your likes, dislikes, traits, beliefs, expectations and dreams with your partner before tying the knot. 

2)Communicate powerfully & effectively with each other. 

3)Learn the dealing techniques to resolve any future relationship issue in advance. 


Are you ready to invest 30% of your total time, energy, emotion & money in building up your relationship ?

 Then this course is a right fit for you.

Course fee:  CAD$ 4965.00 

                       INR 3,00,000.00

In case you are not in a position to purchase it worries at all !! You can watch this free training, book a FREE 45 minutes PERSONAL CALL with me and then take a decision.

    HERE is your 100% FREE Training 



Exclusive Free Training With Leenna Parannjpe

Reason#1 - A Big Opportunity to learn how to choose your right match is HERE.


Reason#2- How to be well prepared in advance to deal with  your partner and family members.


Reason#3 - How to accept/ reject the current relationship with 3 simple and smart techniques.

Relationship to me has always been a pure and beautiful bond shared by two individuals. I work to help couples in distress and coach them to aim at Relationship Goals for a better future. ‘Happily Ever after’ is a dream and  creating a dream into reality is what keeps me excited as a Relationship Coach. 

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