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‘My own life experiences acted as a catalyst in my decision of becoming a Relationship Coach. I took a vow along with all the couples, to guide them in their journey of Relationship. To make them realize Relationship Goals and discover passion over the years.’

‘It took a while for me to find my true self-worth. To become an independent woman who guides others to attain their relationship goals. I learnt two golden words while struggling to breathe through my depressed mind- Determination and Will-Power can drive you out through the worst situations. You need to instill belief in yourself and your self-worth.’

Benefits of Free Training With Leenna Parannjpe

Attract & date the right person confidently without lowering your standards


Spot red flags on a date & avoid wasting your time for nothing


How to accept/ reject the current relationship with 3 simple and logical techniques

Continue your life with pleasure without any major consequences



Millennials Vs Marriage Leenna Parannjpe : POP16


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