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What does marriage want from you?

Do you know the average cost of an Indian fat wedding is over 50 lakhs?

Do you know that the typically engaged couple spends almost nothing getting ready for the marriage while spending lakhs to crores just for a one-day wedding?

Hold On! It’s our hard-earned money and we know better to Invest it rightly.

You are free to comment this way. Agree!

But the fact is, this special relationship for which you are investing a huge amount actually is not based on these material things or the monetary aspect but a strong foundation with emotional compatibility. With the help of this strong foundation, a couple can peacefully and happily enjoy their journey and nurture their relationship.

Through the statistics available on the internet for six main countries, I am sharing the number of marriages and divorce rates per annum.

(In the last decade the number 1 in 1000 is raised to 13 in 1000)

With these statistics, you would know that the Asian countries have got less impact of divorce compared to western countries. Wedding is a want and any couple who wants to make their wedding successful leaves no stone unturned in the arrangements of this special day.

All the couples marry in Pursuit of Happiness. It is proven medically and scientifically that healthy marriages are good for couples’ Mental and Physical health. The hormone named serotonin the happy hormone and Oxytocin the love hormone are released when we get happily married. The five days of extravaganza brings a wave of happiness in our life. Marriage wants peace, harmony, understanding, acceptance, patience, fair fights, forgiveness, happiness and power of unconditional love.

Are you ready to invest these emotions to add value to your marriage? This is the best season of your life to invest your precious time, emotions and energy on this subject.

I help engaged couples design a structured approach towards this special relationship building. I invite both of you to co-create your wonderful future together through a one month course with me to enjoy your “Happily Ever After” state.

Take the action to cement your wedding with your marriage.

Take the initiative to make not only your wedding but also your marriage happy!

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