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Language Of Global Millennial Marriages

Are you missing the connectivity in your marriage? Are you facing compatibility issues? Is your direct approach bringing a rift in your marriage? Is your marriage bleeding because of the use of a harsh tone and blunt words?

Can you resonate with these questions? It happens when the honeymoon months are over and the couple starts experiencing the issues related to different habits, behavioral patterns, nature, in-laws, lifestyle, and intimacy, both emotional and physical.

The couple that married for love, peace, and happiness suddenly becomes confused, disturbed, hurt, and eventually highly aggressive or extremely silent. Have you ever found out the reason behind this? It is normal to get vulnerable, confused, sad, and hurt but it is the new normal for these smart millennials to address and resolve these issues by learning their partner’s language.

If you want to learn your partner’s language, let me help you with two behavioral traits observed in almost every global couple. One partner is emotional and the other is practical. Let’s call this the “Language of Millennial Marriages”.

For any practical person, action matters a lot. Hence, the career, money, financial growth are always at the top priority. Then comes their hobbies, their individual interests, and then comes their marriage and children.

For any emotional person, words along with the tone matter a lot. When you speak, how you speak, and what you speak matters a lot for these emotional people. Hence, the emotions, feelings, bondings, and relationships are always at the top priority for them. Then comes their hobbies, and the career comes at the end.

Once the couple comes together, it’s extremely urgent and important to learn and understand your partner’s perspective and approach them in that manner. This is what we’re calling as the “Language”. If you keep approaching from your perspective, your partner will fail to understand your concern. It doesn’t reach up to them. The relationship then starts to get damaged. The issues remain unresolved and the pain eventually converts into bleeding your marriage. You both remain in the same confused state of mind.

If you spend more time in remaining confused, the gap in your special relationship will start to widen. If you continue to keep thinking and do nothing, you become the victim of your own choice. So, I need you to understand this new normal language of your partner.

Once you know this language, you start building on the connection with your spouse. Not from your point-of-view, but from your partner’s point-of-view which in turn helps in building your connection.

I urge you to watch this video of mine to get a better understanding of the Language Of Global Millennial Marriages:

No matter how difficult the issue is, I sincerely request you to take fast action and learn this language and implement it in your marriage. In case you find it difficult, you can always seek help. Don’t feel shy to ask for the solution to your issues. Resolve your issue as early as possible and start enjoying the little fights, the spiciness, even the fun and the true companionship in your marriage!

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