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8 Proven steps to keep your marriage strong

The early stages of a relationship are filled with romance and passion. That intensity can fade away over time leaving you feeling unfulfilled.

Dating your spouse can be fun. It can rekindle the spark in you. Simply put, it can bring back the good old days for you and your better half.

Here are eight super steps to plan your date and bring back the romance.

  1. Plan ahead: Set a date and time that works for both of you. Stick to it. Your relationship deserves the same level of attention as any other important appointment in your calendar.

  2. Choose something fun: It doesn't have to be expensive, but let it be something that you both enjoy. It could be as simple as a picnic in the park, a movie night at home, a long ride, a karaoke night, a night of playing truth or dare or even some quality time with your pet. The ideas are endless and up to your creativity.

  3. Dress up: Make an effort to look nice for your spouse. Feel free to doll up, dress up and look your best. Be your partner’s eye candy. Wear something comfy. Your outfit must make you more attractive.

  4. Unplug: Say no to your phones and other electronic devices so that you can give each other your undivided attention. You could keep them on silent mode and in a different room maybe.

  5. Be present: Focus on your spouse. Focus on what you’re doing together. Make meaningful conversation. Listen actively. Be mindful. Be more here, be more now - be more in the date.

  6. Surprise them: If you want to make the date extra special, surprise your spouse with something they love. It could be their favourite dessert or a small gift. Even a small gesture can show them how much you love them. Little joys are what light up life.

  7. End on a high note: Make sure to end the date on a positive note. Appreciate your spouse. Let them know that you loved the time you spent together.

  8. Use touch: Human touch is missing in today’s relationship.

Make sure you touch, cuddle, caress, and kiss often. It will release Oxytocin, a love hormone, and also serotonin, a happy hormone. These will help to bring your cortisol i.e. stress level down.

Remember, dating your spouse is about making time for each other and enjoying each other's company. It's a great way to strengthen your relationship and keep the spark alive in your love story. So, it’s up to you how you write your love story.

Do you need more ideas about dating your spouse? Or Are you facing issues in your marriage? I’m here to help you out with active listening. Tell me your story and I’ll help you transform it into a happily ever after. All that you have to do is book a free 15-minute call with me by clicking here.

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