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3 Millennial Marriage Murdering Mistakes

Are you willing to resolve your current marriage issues and restore your marriage? Is it hard for you to forgive your partner for his/her repeated mistakes?

Making mistakes is good. In fact, it’s obvious that human beings make mistakes. What is important is do you grow from your mistakes? Mistakes are learning tools. The same way they have a role in our marriage. Are your mistakes killing your marriage and are you repeating them over the period of time? No matter how much you apologize, the damage is already done. In such a situation, if you and your partner are still not ready to rectify them, then your marriage is definitely going to suffer. Which are those mistakes that are killing your marriage every single day? Here I am going to share the 3 BIG marriage murdering mistakes millennial couples do often, and the 5 major steps couples must take to avoid them.

No marriage is perfect, rather perfection is no more a trend nowadays. So, mistakes are natural and you must make them, but you need to realize whether they are damaging your relationship. In that case, your apology will never work. This is because repeating the same mistake over the period of time results in creating a rift in your relationship. Let’s begin with those marriage murdering mistakes. You can just sit back, relax, and resonate with them and decide whether you will, or will not repeat them again.

1. Lying

Even though you call it a white lie and tell your partner, you are actually cheating your partner. You feel your spouse will not know about it but the truth will come out one day and your spouse will feel deceived by you. In this case, you have actually created the space of doubt in your marriage and now your spouse will start doubting you for the past incidents too though you didn’t lie that time.

2. Showing Disrespect

Once the insult enters marriage, it spoils your relationship. Your spouse starts taking you for granted.

3. Constant Nagging

The arguments differ in every couple and it is good. However, you must accept and respect them. The difference of opinions does not make you incompatible with your partner. Step back and think. Are you rejecting your partner’s opinions? In marriage, it is a mistake to expect your partner to have the same likes and interests similar to you. These are the big mistakes that hinder your marriage growth. The point is, are you willing to rectify your mistake and restore your marriage even in the worst situation?

Here are the 5 Major Steps you must take immediately and save your marriage:

1. Be Honest

Make things crystal clear though so much damage might have happened. It’s never too late. Sit with your spouse, admit your mistake, apologize truly and not just for the sake of saying sorry, and then give a warm hug. Your true emotions will reach and bring your partner close. Honesty is the best policy even in Marriage! Practising it will make your partner will also be open, honest with you.

2. Show Respect

Marriage needs giving space to each other for opinions, beliefs and individual growth. Every time interfering in your spouse’s space will make your spouse avoid you. Marriage always asks for a positive attitude by encouraging each other. The key is showing respect.

3. Break Your Belief

Do not push your spouse by constantly complaining, blaming, making a belief that your marriage is already damaged. It’s not the same thing going to happen. The couple's behaviour changes along with marriage patterns. So, the things will happen the way you want it is just that you both have to figure it out. Whatever you are experiencing is not going to stay forever. We are changing every time. So does our marital relationship. Change in marriage is a sign of growth. Do understand your marriage is growing. So break the belief that nothing can be done to save your relationship, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Appreciate Little Things

I can understand, to some extent, it is tough for you to appreciate your partner in the current situation when the damage already happened in your marriage. However, trust me, once you start adoring your spouse for small things, your partner will be happy and remain connected with you. Activities such as helping your spouse in house-hold chores, making the Netflix playlist ready to watch, and planning the surprises for your spouses make your marriage better. Don't leave any stone unturned to appreciate. This will help your spouse to show trust in you once again.

“In the enriching of marriage, the big things are the little things. There must be constant appreciation for each other and thoughtful demonstration of gratitude. A couple must encourage and help each other grow. Marriage is a joint quest for the good, the beautiful, and the divine”- James E. Faust

5. Effective Communication

Learn the art of interaction. Unintentionally, but words hurt your spouse. What you speak, when you speak, and how you speak matters a lot. Once you start using the words consciously, it is easy for you to address the tough issues and find out the solution together.

I am sure after following these 5 steps you will create a strong bond with your spouse and avoid repeating the big marriage murdering mistakes. So, do make mistakes, but make sure every time you will make a new mistake.

Forgiving is easy, but forgetting is tough. Marriage is a union of two forgivers. So leave the past and start working on your present right away.

I am sure you are powerful enough to bring the change and save your marriage from dying. I completely understand what you are going through currently. How about having a fresh start? There is always a light at the end of a tunnel. I sincerely request you to acknowledge the above tips and work on these three major mistakes. A high time to introspect ourselves.

In case you face any challenge, feel free to reach out for help. Please drop your queries or views in the comment box.

Till then have a meaningful, happy, and fun-loving marriage!

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