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Millennial Singles and Newly Weds !!!

    👉 Are you in a toxic & confused relationship ?

    👉 Do you find lack of emotional/physical intimacy in your relationship ?

    👉 Do you feel disrespectful or taken for granted in your relationship?

Good News !!

I personally ( not my team )  can Help.

Please note: We only accept very limited number of new clients per month to work with, to bring assured results.

You must fill out your details THEN book a FREE clarity call with us and we select applicants based on those we feel are the best fit.


      Most 🌎 Millennial Singles 🤷‍♀️💔🤷‍♂️& Newly Weds💞..........

❌MARRY in pursuit of happiness and  take DIVORCE in search of happiness.
❌CANNOT get compatibility & commitment in their relationship but create chaos & confusion
❌CANNOT find the root issue and remain confused, helpless, vulnerable and guilty
❌CANNOT use smartness in personal relationship
❌WAIT for their partners to fix the issue
❌CANNOT handle the parental interference
❌CANNOT handle the daily arguments and blame game immediately once the Dream Wedding turns into a nightmare.

                 So We Created The Done-With-You process to get these solutions.

✔️Understand the Root Issue 
✔️Immediate Action Plan
✔️Get super clarity in 3 hours
✔️High Confidentiality
✔️Learn Language of Marriage to deal with future issues.




Age 32, Downtown, Toronto

" Immediately after arriving here from India, me & my husband started fighting on petty issues. Unlike counselors I found my coach in Leena and she has been mentoring me and teaching how to make my relationship work. "

Medical Practitioner

Age 35, Australia

" With two kids and a marriage which was on the verge of breaking, I sought Leena’s assistance and have been happy with the results. "


Age 33, Mumbai

" Leena Paranjpe has been a constant support and guide helping my marriage out of the rough waters. We do fight sometimes but know how to deal with it."

Software Developer
Age 32,
Boston United States

Highly grateful to Leena for her immediate help. My wife had threatened to commit suicide with our one month baby girl. Only in one consultation, I could understand the root issue. Within three weeks my wife called Leena and thanked her. Leena's mentoring is priceless. Today our daughter is one & half year old.


We are a good Fit When🤝

  • You prioritize your relationship over your career initially. 

  • You are ready to initiate to solve the issue and show the courage to engage me.

  • You are ready to grow & invest in your relationship.


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