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Leenna Parannjpe: Your Marriage Coach

Image by Aleks Dorohovich

Leenna Parannjpe: Established in 2016

  • Coached over 400+ couples being their personal marriage coach with 25+ years of experience

  • India’s only Millennial Marriage Coach 

  • Author of ‘Detox Your Marriage’ 

  • Dedicated over 6000 hours to listen to stories of individuals 

  • Conducted 150+ seminars & webinars

  • Addressed over 4000 couples

  • Here to spread awareness about the concept of marriage coaching & how it differs from marriage counseling!

Do you have trouble communicating with your spouse ? 

Do you sense lack of connectivity in your relationship ?

Do you get hurt by your partner’s harsh tone & blunt words?


Leenna Parannjpe

Building Happy Ever Afters’

With 25+ years of experience, my clear focus, positive attitude, practical approach, and experience, I help millennial premarital engaged couples design a structured approach towards this special relationship building so that they can live their “happily ever after”.
I help them build the base of their special relationship to deal with any post marital situation and explore new ideas to design their dream marriage.

How do I do this?
✅ VIP Consultation
✅ One month Pre marital VIP Course 
✅ Online Course, “Love Marriage & You” - The Secret To Millennial Marriage Success
✅ Book, “Detox Your Marriage”

Why choose coaching over counseling?

Counseling is giving guidance & advice whereas coaching is helping individual spouses execute these advices into action. 

In these coaching sessions by Leenna Parannjpe, she holds the millennial spouses accountable & becomes a part of their marriage to implement the advices & enjoy the results.




Age 28, Pune

" Leena has been the saviour of our marriage and opened our eyes to tackle the issues in a better way. "

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