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Are you struggling to find a Right & Smart Match ?

Are you recently getting wed and still confused in your current relationship ?

Are you getting wed under the parental pressure ?

Do you find lack of emotional/physical intimacy in your relationship ?

Do you feel disrespectful or taken for granted in your relationship?

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"Love" Bird or "Angry" Bird

In a fast evolving world, we experience certain changes in our marital bond which later result in frictions; the love seems diminishing, the magic seems disappearing and frictions become regular in daily life. We live in a modern world where we feel ‘Soulmates’, ‘Made for each other’ or ‘Love birds’ is what partners expect loving each other but it is not the reality. It is the process and both the partners create this reality. Let’s take you to the journey of millennial couples experiencing this process.

Detox your Marriage

Happy to share my first ever eBook “DETOX YOUR MARRIAGE” for my audience. And I am so excited. Thank you everyone for all your blessings. Buy a copy & share your valuable review please.

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आजची मिलेनिअल मॅरेजेस सप्तपदी की तप्तपदी ??

Gudhi padwa is a new beginning of hopes, happiness and dreams. I am super happy to announce my third book in the list within a week's time. Neelima is a dear friend of mine and without her support....I mean her word power it wouldn't have been possible. Highly grateful to her for her kind contribution. Do read and share your thoughts.

Wish this year brings success and prosperity to you.

Relationship Advises Going In Vain?

I believe all relationship issues can be solved. I am a Relationship Coach and prefer to work with Individual spouse.
Let me tell you I will help you not with advice, but explore new ideas, you need to execute them for which I will hold you accountable.


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Are You In Despair Because Of Relationship Issues

These are some of my Couple stories who asked for my assistance for the betterment of their relationship. All who come to me are my clients and I hold myself responsible in carving a better future for them.



Age 28, Pune

" Leenna has been the saviour of our marriage and opened our eyes to tackle the issues in a better way. "

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